The Hand of the Emperor

Her First Official Mission

Lady Vanda finishes up a lightsaber training session against several droids and returns to her quarters 10 floors below the Emperor’s office in Imperial Palace. After her shower, she notices a message from Rhen var, an aide to the Emperor. He has a mission for her. She gets prepared and goes up to the offices. She meets with the Emperor, receives her assignment and then goes back to grab her gear in her room, looking up Mandalorians (great roll) and Duros (poor roll) along the way. She then goes and meets with her pilot on the Swift Revenge. The pilot’s name is Lt. Malevanor Quint. He is running diagnostics on the ship and has his astromech unit, M4-P4, escort Vanda to her suite.

Once the ship leaves, there is three days transit between Coruscant and the Corellian system. In that time Vanka finds out that Lt. Quint is from Balmorra and his family owns a farm where they grow foodstuffs to sell to Imperial Center. Lt. Quint is a pilot for diplomats and dignitaries visiting Imperial Center.

Once on Talus, Vanka lets Lt. Quint on their mission. They are to locate a Duros Mandalorian. Quint had M4 (who had recently been upgraded to include some slicing abilities) to hack into starport traffic control to find out how many ships are registered to Duros. They find four, but two of them are heavily armed.

One is near the dropoff for all of the ger they brought for their cover story. The other is in another spaceport across town. Vanka rents a speeder because she wants to 1. Check out the ship across town and 2. check out the location of the shooting. Lt. Quint will check out the ship that’s close to the dropoff for the gear.


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